According to a March 3 Bloomberg story, an SEC attorney claimed that both parties involved in the bankruptcy case of Voyager Digital are subject to securities laws.

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An SEC lawyer reportedly stated that Voyager Digital and Voyager Digital are subject to securities laws, according to a March 3 Bloomberg story.

Securities laws apply to Voyager and Binance.US
According to William Uptergrove, an attorney for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Binance.US is thought to run an unregistered securities exchange by SEC employees.

Securities laws apply to Voyager and Binance.US.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's William Uptergrove stated that the SEC staff considers Binance.US to be an unregistered securities trading platform.

The SEC opposed to US's plan to buy Voyager Digital's assets as early as January, but the US is still trying to do so.

US is actively looking to buy the assets of Voyager Digital.
Even as early as January, the SEC complained.

In addition, the SEC is looking into Binance.US, according to past court cases cited by Bloomberg.

An earlier court case indicates that Binance.US is also being looked into by the SEC, according to Bloomberg.

Additionally, according to Uptergrove, Voyager's proposed recovery token need to be treated like a security and subject to SEC oversight.

According to Uptergrove, Voyager's planned recovery token ought to be treated similarly to securities and be subject to SEC oversight.

The statements made by Uptergrove are private and do not reflect the SEC as a whole.

Uptergrove's private utterances do not represent the SEC's opinions.

Yet, his comments are considered credible because they reflect the SEC staff's viewpoint and not just his own.

His comments carry significance because they represent the opinions of SEC employees.
These don't merely reflect his individual opinions.

The bankruptcy process for Voyager is ongoing.
The case's assigned judge already condemned the SEC's opposition to the sale on March 2.
The bankruptcy case for Voyager is still pending.
The case's assigned judge criticized the SEC on March 2 for its opposition to the agreement.

The regulator, according to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles, "stop[ped] everybody in their tracks" without offering a mechanism to address its concerns.

The regulator, according to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles, "stop[ped] everyone in their tracks" and did not offer a method for it to address its concerns.

Uptergrove declined to comment at the time on whether the sale of Voyager's assets broke any securities regulations.

On the question of whether Voyager's assets broke securities rules, Uptergrove declined to take a stance.

The judge demanded a more detailed response.

A more specific response was required by the judge.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, suggested on March 3 that the deal might be canceled due to the growing complexity of the situation.

Due to the complicated scenario, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao suggested that the acquisition would be canceled on March 3.

"Maybe we should pull out," he tweeted.
Nonetheless, if the agreement is ultimately approved, he indicated support for it.

He posted: "Maybe we should withdraw" on Twitter. He did, however, say that if the agreement went through, he would support it.

Even if the deal is accepted by the companies, creditors, and judge, the SEC still needs to approve Binance.acquisition US's of Voyager assets.

Regardless of whether the offer is accepted or rejected by all parties, including creditors and the judge, Binance.US must be permitted by the SEC to purchase Voyager assets.

Voyager consumers overwhelmingly approved the proposal on March 1. Voyager customers approved this strategy by a wide margin on March

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